Conscious Contribution

Water Drop heart

Conscious Contribution means attempting to have some degree of control over what is returned to us by actively directing what we are giving our energy to. Giving more energy towards positivity, and less energy towards negativity. (Law of Attraction)

Whatever we focus upon and give our energy to is returned; magnified.

Positive contribution also helps to multiply our creative power.

Money is an outer representation of God’s energy and is a tool for living out our dreams and fulfilling our purpose. Although, there are good people who live happily with little to no money, most people would like to have more money.

Ultimately, before choosing to be generous with your money it’s very important to honestly look at your financial picture and decide if you can afford to give and/or what you can afford because we need to be balanced in everything we do.

When we give our money to something with a positive attitude, we not only magnify what we are giving out money to, but we are also engaging and magnifying money returning to us. Sometimes, instead of receiving money in return we receive something we would have been willing to spend money on anyhow. It may seem to come out of nowhere, and if it comes from another person it will be their pleasure to give.

As a spiritual seeker, I personally enjoy having the opportunity to contribute to the things that provide channels for my spiritual nourishment and spiritual evolution. I’ve provided an easy pathway for others who may feel the same way regarding my services.

Whether you do or not, thank you for considering making a contribution to Haven Within.