Claudia Burdette Hand Analyst

Hi, I’m Claudia!

My number one task is living my passions, and following my own unique path that I create.

I am a scholar… I greatly enjoy studying.

  • I enjoy the study of nature and how it folds-in and affects us as individuals.
  • I like studying astrology and angelology. I believe that ‘tarot’ is an ancient study of angelology. Much of its ancient teachings were taught orally and utilized only paintings to represent the different angels. During the medieval times it was adapted into a card game as a means to protect it from being destroyed by the oppression.
  • I also enjoy creating something tangible from the things I enjoy in ways that might help others
  • Helping others is another passion of mine. It is very easy and there are so many different ways of doing so.

A few of my favorite things are Kindle, and My Little Pony

Palmistry Institute

Palmistry Badge PI watermkwith Vernon Mahabal

I am associated with Vernon Mahabal, the director and founder of Palmistry Institute. This enables me to read hands with confidence, and professionalism. Vernon has been reading hands for over 30 years, has authored 3 books, and has traveled to India several time to learn all about the craft of Palmistry and Cosmology.

To learn more about Vernon Mahabal visit:

Certified Angel Card Reader (tm) | Badge

Certified Angel Card Reader ™

I am a successful Certified Angel Card Reader(tm).

This course is provided by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine.